Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach

Crosby Rock was founded in 2015, with the specific purpose to initiate private equity investments in North American based consumer products companies. The market that Crosby Rock serves is often referred to as the middle-market, featuring companies of $50 – $750mm in revenues, generally seeking equity raises of $5.0mm to $25mm. Crosby Rock is suited to participate at many levels of the capital structure, from initiating strategic minority investments to acting as the lead investor in control or complete buy-outs within their portfolio companies.

Strategic Advisory and Management Value

In addition to equity participation, Crosby Rock adds value in multiple strategic manners and a variety of operating levels. Leveraging our principal’s and advisors’ experience and expertise in running large, multi-national consumer product companies as well as faster growth, direct-to-consumer businesses, we successfully advise and add value in many areas. Furthermore, our extensive network of industry experts provides us with a deep bench of tactical resources, which can be accessed to help address just about any business challenge.


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